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Speedmaster Art Made Of Painted Wood

The company that is manufacturing these tubes is called MB-Microtec, situated near Bern, Switzerland. They are the only company on the market today that is capable of manufacturing these barely visible glass tubes and filling them with tritium, thanks to their special know-how for working with glass cylinders of this size. Therefore, MB-Microtec is claimed to be the sole supplier to any and all watch brands who use tritium gas tubes for their watches. As such, if you have such a watch in your collection (or plan on acquiring one), the glowing tubes you see on the hands and indices of the watch were made here, and in the way that you will see more about below. The company is also the manufacturer of its own watch brand, Traser.

Winding the watch with F.P. Journe's distinctive "flat crown" is a pleasure, and the overall wearing comfort of this 40mm wide case is really outstanding. It feels so much like a welcome wrist companion sitting on the wrist with its slim 8.6mm thick case. F.P. Journe offers the Chronometre watch in either 18k red gold or platinum, with two dial styles for each, as well as a bracelet option (which is rather nice actually). While most people would agree the F.P. Journe Chronometre Souverain is a dress watch, I don't think that is what Mr. Journe has in mind. While I wouldn't call it a sporty timepiece, this is very much at timepiece that can be worn casually - assuming you do classy Euro-casual.

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In essence, if you like its discreet design and straight-forward functionality, we can say that you will certainly not be disappointed if you put your money towards the entry-level Rolex in 2015, i.e., the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39mm 114300 in steel – priced, again, at ,700.

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What Features Should A Casio Smartwatch Have?

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The Omega Speedmaster '57 "Vintage" will be available either on a brown leather strap with a brushed steel fold-over clasp, or on Omega's patented bracelet with a butterfly clasp. Price for the version on the bracelet (reference 331. will be 7,500 CHF or around ,450 – while the model on the leather strap should come in a few hundred dollars less than that (we will add the price as soon as that is available).

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I’ve learned a lot of things during my time as a luxury watch writer/blogger/critic/whatever, and one of those things is that the world of the wealthy is extremely distinct from the world of those people who aren’t as wealthy. Classism exists, and it is real, and while everyone goes to the toilet and puts their pants on one leg at a time, people who have a lot of money simply have a different set of problems and considerations in their life. Well, enough of that for now, let’s get back to the dazzling Mr. Arabo and some watches which I think people who aren’t in his world don’t quite understand.

Why yes, that is the Urwerk UR-1001 Zeit Machine (Device) pocket watch strapped to my wrist - glad you noticed. No, I didn't succumb to some strange Schwarzeneggerian large watch obsession and enter a path of no return whereby big pocket watches look better attached to your arm. This is the "Titan" and it is actually made by Urwerk as a way to strap their highly avant-garde (and totally kick-ass) Urwerk UR-1001 Zeit Machine pocket watch to your wrist. Urwerk produced this baby a few years ago, and now for 2015, has decided it wants to let some of the world's most courageous watch collector's buy one. The Titan version will include a limited edition titanium version of the UR-1001 pocket watch as well as the strap module.

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Louis Vuitton also decided to add a new version of its pretty awesome Tambour Spin Time watch (first covered here) to the Tambour éVolution in Black collection. The Louis Vuitton Spin Time was first introduced in 2010, and that first version is still my favorite. The 2015 Louis Vuitton Tambour éVolution Spin Time GMT in Black is different from the original model in some ways, but it does retain the core concept - which is to display the time in a second time zone via small cubes on the dial that turn around when it is that hour. The new Spin Time dial has been highly minimalized, and the in-house made calibre LV111 automatic movement produced by Louis Vuitton is different from that in the original Spin Time. What is different is that now the second time zone cubes are adjusted using the crown, whereas in previous Spin Time models, there were pushers on the left of the case to advance the second time zone forward or backward.

Not a lot of companies produce 5Hz (36,000 bph) mechanical movements. The most popular is Zenith with their El Primero collection. Back when mechanical watch companies would seriously fight with each other for which brand offered the best accuracy, increasingly the frequency of a movement was a big step in doing that. Today, while it is true that high-beat movements can be more accurate, what people are buying is really technique and exclusivity.

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The tourbillon system itself features another two axis points which make a rotation each 60 seconds, and then in a different direction each 5 minutes. Across from the tourbillon is a dial for the time, which is so cool because it points upright no matter where it is in its rotation around the dial. I just love that. Then there are the arms with the tiny hand-painted titanium globe, and across from it, a “Jacob-cut” diamond with a registered process exclusive to Jacob & Co. which gives the diamond a spherical case and 288 facets. The globe and the diamond disco ball make a full rotation each 60 seconds.

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In a studio in Tel-Aviv, the creative mind of Itay Noy conceives made-to-order timepieces that are sure to catch the eye. His latest offering – displayed at Baselworld 2015 – is the Itay Noy Part Time. Available in four color schemes, limited to 24 pieces each, the concept of the Itay Noy Part Time is simple: the dial is divided into two parts, one for the day, one for the night. When the day side is active (from 6am-6pm) the night side sleeps and vice versa. The temporal segments are split by a vertical line, running from 12 to 6 o'clock. At the very bottom of the dial, the series number is engraved and, at the very top, Itay Noy's name decorates the dial in his distinctive personal font.

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This is a custom, specific, proprietary movement developed to break records. It is, in this sense, a work of art and engineering in harmony. You could find plenty of examples of major brands that charge just as much for a bog-standard ETA, cleverly hidden in or disguised by a glitzy case. The Piaget Altiplano Chronograph is no pretender; it is classy to its core. The eagle-eyed might notice that the case is actually larger than it needs to be – the Calibre 883P could easily fit in a case under 40mm diameter, but Piaget have chosen to give the Piaget Altiplano Chronograph a bit more width to satisfy modern tastes.

Then, we’ll need to check the hairspring, it should be dead flat from every angle, and the coils should be exactly the same width apart. You see, it’s pinned in the middle at the collet and then it’s pinned at the outside, so you can actually manipulate it, because it has two points, but it’s a bit of a nightmare to do that - I’ve got one in there that looks like a bird's nest.

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The Breitling Chronoliner is water resistant to 100 meters and fitted with an AR-coated sapphire crystal. Inside the watch is the Breitling calibre 24, which is a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7754. This is a Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph with a GMT hand. Operating at 4Hz, the 7754 has about two days of power reserve. The movements in the Breitling Chronoliner watches are further all COSC Chronometer certified. The movement offers the time with a 12-hour chronograph and the date. I am actually happy to see that Breitling chose to use an ETA movement for the Breitling Chronoliner versus one of their in-house made movements. Not that their in-house movements are bad - but rather that they make for a very expensive watch. In addition to their ,000 plus watches, I think Breitling needs more options in the ,000 - ,000 range - which is hopefully where the 2015 Breitling Chronoliner is going to be priced.

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