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The "new way" at IWC is to make each year themed. Last year was the year of the Ingenieur while the year before that was year of the pilot watch. 2014 at IWC will be the year of the Aquatimer, so expect to see a fully re-launched collection of some of the nicest high-end tool watches around. Actually, before we move on to discuss a preview of the 2014 Aquatimer watches I want to clarify my previous statement. While for the most part IWC shows the media only pieces of a specific family (i.e. Aquatimer), it isn't true that they don't release other new models. Those merely wait until later in the year to be released. Anyhow, back to our excitement over the new Aquatimers. UPDATE: aBlogtoWatch has new 2014 IWC Aquatimer watch information with additional details and models here.

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XN: As a child in the early eighties, watches were those tiny mechanisms you could open and try to decipher, and then reassemble hoping they would work again, which rarely happened. I have to say that the fascination really started a few weeks into the job at Audemars Piguet, when I slowly understood through my conversations in the workshops the amount of passion, sometimes “grain de folie,” craftsmanship, and with considerable persistence that goes into making the high end timepieces.

Before I review the Breitling SuperOcean Heritage Chrono 46 I'd like to discuss my own personal history with aviation and the brand. When I received my pilot's license many, many years ago, I invested in a couple of aircraft. In each of these airplanes was a box called an ELT or Emergency Locator Transmitter. This box was designed to detect a crash and send out a signal to SARsats orbiting the earth so that search and rescue teams could react. The ELT was about the size of a long battery and weighed about as much. It was, in a sense, mostly a battery with some electronics and an antenna thrown in.

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Gold Speedmaster Professional BA 145.022

I happen to love watches like this. Take a little inspiration from antiquity, mix in traditional horology and add some modern design. Before you know it, you have some totally interesting and wild timepiece that does not fit into any particular box. This is the 2013 limited edition Hublot Antikythera SunMoon watch. Part calendar watch, part astronomical watch, this is horological obsession at its best.

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IWC offers two dial colors for the Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium. One is black with blue accents, but we keep being drawn to the "silver-plated" tone dial. While not exactly white, it is an almost white colored sport watch dial - and we love those. In our review of the Porsche Design Flat Six P'6310 watch, we discussed the difficultly in producing light-dialed sport watches, and what it takes to succeed. The key is the right black materials and a lack of reflectivity. This is very well executed with the thickly-outlined-in-black hands and applied hour indicators. While the dial has a touch of gloss to it, all of the indicators stand out with a beautiful, instrumental gusto on the Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium face.

The case features mixed finishing with polished edging on the lugs that is nicely executed for a watch at this price point. While I would prefer a simple 24-hour bezel for tracking a third timezone or aiding in AM/PM indication, the 360 degree navigation bezel fits nicely with the alpinist lifestyle to which Alpina is connected. For those who haven't recently picked through their website, Alpina is quite active in the pursuit of exploration and mountaineering. Not only does Alpina organize adventure trips for the public through their Alpina Adventurers program, the trips are lead by explorer and all-around badass, Børge Ousland (if you google that name, prepare to feel lazy).

The final quirk of the Sonneire Souveraine watch is the case material. Given everything included in the package it comes in a steel case. Steel you ask? Shouldn't a watch of this caliber be in a case made from at least gold or platinum? It could have been, and there are perhaps versions of the watch out there in those materials. Francois-Paul prefers steel. He uses a rather wonderfully polished steel case that looks almost like 18k white gold, but it is steel. The reason is because of the chiming features. Steel allows the sound to resonate better, as heavier metals tend to absorb the sound. So for the sake of the minute repeater and sonnerie function, the watch comes in a steel case. If you like this watch you aren't alone. It won a prize at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve by the watch industry itself, and overall F.P. Journe is a brand favored by some of the most seasoned collectors. A watch such as this comes with a price tag of 0,000.

Van Cleef & Arpels “Cerfs-Volants” Kites Watches Hands-On

Van Cleef & Arpels “Cerfs-Volants” Kites Watches Hands-On

We Take A Closer Look At Two Gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI Watches

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Things I dislike: The date wheel would be much better if it were white on black. The crown is long enough to sometimes dig into my hand a bit. And I really don't like the buckle on the Isofrane strap; it's way too big and catches on everything.

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Glashutte Original PanoLunarTourbillon Watch Hands-On

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According to MB&F, Potts is best known for his "wing-beat" sculptures and we can certainly understand why. The Pursuit II, pictured above, captures and imitates the beauty of moving wings with incredible ease and fluidity. Based on relatively simple gears, cams and shafts, the result nonetheless is an elaborately crafted and animated object which, in one way or another, certainly speaks to us as fans of complex mechanical designs.

Reference 145.022 Speedmaster Professional from 1982

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White dials are all about high contrast when one wants to get it right. Black or dark colored hands and hour markers are necessary–and they are hard to get right much of the time. However, Patek Philippe's special technique in oxidizing white gold to make it black is highly effective in creating crisp, matte black elements that are both nice to look at and offer excellent dial legibility. The black and white dial mixed with the two added red chronograph hands makes for a highly contemporary dial that is unlike most Patek Philippe timepieces out there.

Since its establishment in 1995, Buben & Zorweg has transformed from a small firm producing packaging for high-end timepieces and jewelry into a manufacturer of watch winders, fine mechanical watches and - since 2008 - luxury safes as well. This time we are looking at the brand's latest safe called the Magnum, designed to be a solution for (nearly) all problems of the concerned watch collector.

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Antoine Martin Tourbillon Astronomique Watch Is 5,000 Watch Releases The case back is – unfortunately – not revealing any parts of the movement, instead it bears two more displays which complete the Masterpiece No.1. The more interesting of the two is the one called "declination display" and it indicates the latitude at which the sun at 12 noon stands 90° above the horizon – or in other words when a stick standing upright in the ground would cast no shadow. The thin red line moves up and down between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn in the course of the year; or between 23.5° northern latitude and -23.5° southern latitude. As Antoine Martin explains, "declination is required for navigational purposes and is used with right ascension to locate heavenly bodies". In reality, it is just really cool to have a map of the world displayed on the back of your watch, with a red line officiously running up and down on it throughout the year. Below it is the indication for the movement's six days of power reserve, while next to the "map" is a little plaque showing the location to which the mechanism and its astronomical indications were set for.

If you don’t love this watch simply for what it is, you’ll surely love that it is a low number within a limited series. Just the ninth of its kind to be created (out of a limited run of 100 pieces) this watch is a dynamo. Its 48mm ceramic case is large and bold, and beautifully complimented by the aged brown strap. The powerhouse lies behind the sandwich dial, a P.2005/B movement that is black coated to match the ceramic case. Unlike many tourbillon movements, the P.2005 has a secret tourbillon that cannot be seen from the dial. When you turn the watch over, you can then see the tourbillon through the sapphire crystal case back.

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We first saw Christophe Claret use a constant force escapement in the 2013 Kantharos watch (hands-on here) that uniquely combined a chronograph with a constant force escapement. A similar system shows up in the Maestoso which prevent a loss in amplitude by ensuring the energy flows from the gear train in a consistent manner. What does all this mean and why did Christophe Claret include it in a single movement? Plainly, it is about accuracy and the pursuit of horological precision which is the foundation of all timing-related innovation that watchmakers today seek to reintroduce and interpret for modern collectors.

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