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Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Tourbillon Steampunk Ala Grande Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

If you are thinking that this watch is sort of an odd one out for the Franck Muller line, you are right. The obvious "instrument" look of the watch is something new, and is likely a subtle hint from Franck Muller that watches are tools meant to be used and do have a functional component that is more important that just the mere look of the watch. Let's hope the message get's across.

The pink painted Hello Kitty Icon and hour indicators help to keep this watch easygoing and cool. Paired with the diamonds, I do not think you can have a bad day while wearing this watch. How could you? Hello Kitty is leaning back, smiling, relaxing. And so will you be, rocking this.

The First Speedmaster Professional Moonphase 1985

So if you like the asymmetric look, enjoy high quality, yet less common brands, and want something you'll be really comfortable owning (,000 - ,000) financially and physically, you'll like a Perrelet Jumping Hour watch.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Co-Axial GMT Chronograph Watch Watch Releases

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New Face Of The Breitling Aerospace Watch For 2009 Watch Releases
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Tribute classic Pilot’s Watches IWC Replica

Unlike most Casio watches, the Wave Ceptor is a analog watch, but has a tough time shedding the LCD screen that makes Casio such a hit. Thus, you have an easy to read analog face with an included digital window for extra information. You can even have the digital time and analog time in front of your face competing for your attention. I find it interesting which method of telling the time people will go to given the easy option. The analog face is about as straight forward as you could hope for. Arabic numerals in bright, easy to read white with applied lume, that are actually applied to the face versus just being painted on. The font is strong but simple. The hands are a good size with applied lume as well, and are perfect for telling you the time. Additional hour and number index marks all over the face make for fool-proof time reading. The look is instrumental, but not too boring - exactly what some people want. The face of the watch is actually semi-transparent. This is necessary to allow in light for the solar cells that charge the watch as it is light powered. Also visible in the slightly textured face of the watch are some vertical wires or rods, I believe these to be part of the antenna array set up to receive radio signals from atomic clocks all over the world, Fort Collins, CO here in the states.

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Tag Heuer Formula 1 Grande Date Watch

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Grande Date Watch

The Best & The Brightest: Breitling Watches

These cufflinks (cuff links? Space, no space?) might make you blush, but they are nice right? To me they combine a few thinks I like. Let's delay the obvious for now and focus on the awesome integration of the automatic rotors in the cufflinks. These are new 18k rose gold men's cufflinks from Milus, a Swiss watch maker who also dabbles in jewelry and accessories.   These nice looking men's accessories here are called Kama Sutra Butterfly cufflinks and are made in a casting process to help reproduce the look of a watch movement, which is the point. The cufflinks feature beautiful real rotating rotors (which wind nothing) that attached like normal rotors with a ball bearing mount. The casted gold has perlage polish and the look of a real movement engraved in the design. How cool! I've seen cufflinks similar to this, but none as well done. I imagine price will be up there.

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Take on the High Seas with a New Diver’s Watch

The watch itself is a manually wound, 18k gold cased watch with a lot of character. Despite the twisted dimensions, it has an attractive legible face. The construction and design of the watch place it in the 1960s or 70s, maybe a bit earlier. The gold case with a black face and white Roman numeral hands is actually pretty swanky looking. In fact, this would be a cool watch if it was completely vertically eye-shaped. With its intentional disfigurements it is still interesting. I like how the crown even looks crushed up a bit. Something makes me want to suggest that this would be the perfect watch for the Elephant Man.

Richemont's Ralph Lauren Watch Line + Video Shows & Events

Eterna - Nothing But Watchmaking - was able to create a dynamic, versatile timepiece that is distinctively feminine yet a still a fine timepiece. Their use of different textures within the dial creates an immediate, emotional response that cyclically moves your eyes across its dial.

Omega Speedmaster 125 Worn By BMW's Head of Design Adrian van Hooydonk

A. Lange & Söhne Factory Trip Part 2: The Luxury German Watch Manufacturing Process Inside the Manufacture

So far, this is one of my favorite Moonphase models for women. I'll leave all "lunar" lady allusions out of here, not the forum, but that thought always lurks in the back of my mind when I see women's moonphase timepieces.

The roughly 43mm wide case of the watch itself is done in a brushed metal. It is not the hardiest of cases, but be mindful of the value price. The case and strap together are also incredibly light. I mean almost impossibly so. This is a very light weight watch! Plus, the watch wears smaller than it actually is. You can tell that the resin strap is secured to the case. It is a plastic type material that is quite flexible, but not flimsy. This is another aspect of the watch that Casio has been able to perfect over the years. The strap fits comfortable and thankfully comes with a metal (rather than plastic) buckle. The buttons are large and easy to feel for even in the dark - which is nice.

Speedmaster Alaska Project (The Original Alaska II and the 2008 Re-Edition)

I'd like to focus on the case of the watch, as it is a strong point. Looking at it from the side, you realize that the wide bowl looking case is even smaller than you think. The internal Japanese quartz movement does not take up a lot of space, so the case tapers out to 40mm from a smaller size (20mm or so) where the movement is housed. Including the caseback, the case is made up of three parts, put together in a quality manner. The steel is nicely crafted, and the lightly brushed finish of the case works well with the shinier face and bracelet. The lug design is interesting, and I like the use of exposed screws underneath the watch to secure the bracelet, as this gives it a more quality look in my opinion. One area that I think might be improved is the very sides of the lugs where the strap is exposed inside the lug structure. I would have liked the bracelet to be housed inside the lug connectors totally without being exposed on the sides, but then again, it does allow for a flush integration with the lugs when looked at from above. So not really a problem at all, just an observation for future design ideas.Then you have the signed (with Skagen's logo) crown, which while little, is easy to use.

"The specific model outlined in this review is the T3C313 in a 47mm PVD titanium case with the white dial and the rubber strap. The 800 series is a definite step forward over the TX 730 whose feature list was so long that it couldn't readily show all the information on the dial. The case on the TX 800 is solid titanium, with both polished and matte finish on the lugs and side and a unidirectional matte bezel that is pleasantly stealth. The sapphire crystal is flat, flush with the bezel, and doesn't appear to have any scratch-able AR coatings."

Living with the Expedition WS4 watch is pretty easy. While big, it is relatively comfortable (the wrap around strap helps this greatly. . The watch is easy to read, and Timex's Indiglo illumination makes it easy to read in the dark. On the back of the watch is an easy to use battery replacement compartment - which uses CR2430 batteries that can be bought at most drugstores, meaning you don't need to visit a watch repair place to get a new battery. I believe that the crystal over the screen is mineral crystal, while the watch is water resistant to 50 meters.

Tasting IWC Replica “The Little Prince” special edition watch

The style of the watch isn't going to appeal to everyone. Clearly this is an avant garde timepiece with the time telling portion of the face taking rear-stage to the retrograde hand, though the time is easy to tell on the dial. Like I said before, this is the way it is done with many Breguet watches where the time is smaller than it needs to be. The watch is a thematic throwback, a piece of art and a message. The designer of the watch wanted to illustrate just how long ten seconds is, and what we can do in that time. Wearers of the Tempograph watch will likely receive that message all to well. Those who enjoy the design of the watch need no convincing. They will love the style of the complex case, and enjoy the constant movement and interest of the dial. Retro with an A grade (cheesy pun but still applicable!).

Beautiful Israeli Itay Noy Duality Watch Collection Watch Releases The talent and cleverness behind the designs are what make Itay Noy watches stand out. I particularly like the symbolism of the Holiday Everyday watch. The 'everyday side' has rows of repetitive numbers (see in the gallery below) that represent the hectic and often tedious nature of everyday life. The type of cluttered existence that requires one to "wipe the slate clean" every once in a while. Thus, the 'holiday side' is just blank. Expressing that a true vacation is one away from the modicum of everyday life as well as the stress and responsibilities thereof. A holiday is freedom, and the best type leaves your schedule totally open. Still the date is placed on the austere dial. Why? Perhaps to add to the functionality, or to remind us that while vacations are nice, they don't last forever, and we are always within calculated range of returning to our everyday lives.

Few details are known about the watches themselves, but they are in steel or rose gold plated steel in cases that are likely 42-4mm wide. The dial designs are based upon the theme of being for the snake skin enthusiast. Some will be offended by the reptilian leather straps, while others will drool over the Python leather adorning the watch. Look closely at the face of the watch and you’ll see that the dial is textured with what looks like a cross between scales and bricks. The patterns are actually done through guilloche machine engraving. Notice the Budweiser-like crown at the top of the dial and as the counterweight on the chronograph seconds hand. Nice and American element right there — because cowboy’s love their low quality domestic brews. Can you imagine a French cowboy drinking some frothy Bordeaux out of a chilled pint mug? Delicious and refreshing!

Wally Schirra's Gold Omega Speedmaster Professional

There is something sadistic in this watch. What is it trying to say about time and your timepiece? Maybe people will think you should not be messed with. "He was able to crush his watch and keep it running with the crystal intact?!" Alternatively this is pure Dali-esque  art with a slightly different take on the surrealist master. I don't know much about Churchill Watch Co. that was/is based out of London, but I take it the English watch company is not very popular (at least anymore) as I cannot find much mention of them online. Nevertheless, during at least one point they were brave enough to release with Churchill Crush watch. This piece is apparently #6 out of a limited edition of 100.

Once I looked further into the movements that Beaumarchais manufactured, it all made sense to me. This love of intricacy and parts working together for a greater piece of art.

Watch Talk with David Pittsinger : Opera Singer - Broadway Star - Watch Collector ABTW Interviews
Pittsinger's Rolex Cellini Danaos

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Blancpain 500 Fathoms Titanium Watch

Blancpain 500 Fathoms Titanium Watch

Time For A New Lucien Piccard Watch

"Aventurine is a man-made glass in which copper particles are suspended to give it a glittering appearance. It was discovered in the 17th century by Murano glass maker, Vincenzo Miotti, after he accidentally dropped copper shavings in molten glass. The result was an iridescent glass paste, which Miotti sold under the name of “aventurine” after he was granted the exclusive rights of production by the Doge of Venice in 1677.On the Galaxy, three concentrically rotating disks revolve at different speeds to indicate time by the position of the inset diamonds."

A key difference between this model and the version that Obama has is the lack of the Secret Service logo on it. Only a few select models held the Secret Service logo, and they quickly sold out from the Secret Service's gift shop. You may still be able to get them there, but I wouldn't venture to Washington DC just for the chance. The Secret Service didn't want the logo being on the special watches being made to fulfill the demand for the Barack Obama watch - it was just not the purpose the intended for their branded watches. I understand their perspective, but it would have been cool to have a true copy of what Obama has - a minor point though. Another difference is the message on the rear of the watch that is laser etched into the caseback. You can read the text in the image, but the gist of it is that it details the watch as being a Barack H. Obama commemorative edition watch. The important part here is the unique serial number. It is very rare for watches in this price range, 0r this volume of production for that matter, to have unique identifiers. It is a nice touch for a collector's watch, and something Jorg Gray is proud to tell you. Jorg Gray JG 6500: The President Barack Obama Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

IWC Portuguese Chrono Automatic Jackie Chan Limited Edition Available On Sales & Auctions IWC Portuguese Chrono Automatic Jackie Chan Limited Edition Available On Sales & Auctions