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Attached to the watch is the requisite metal chain attached to the belt loop clip. You can remove the chain easily if you like. I tried to think about gripes I had for the watch. I really can't think of too much given the price. There are a few things about the pocket watch that make it feel different compared to other pocket watches. Such as the shape of the entire case and of course the size. Plus, you'll need to see how to incorporate a pocket watch into your life. But those are part of what the watch are, not really a problem with it. The dial is clean, easy to use and attractive. As a first manually wound mechanical movement, the caliber is just fine, and the fit and finish on the watch is good for the price of about 0 (retail is 0, but all prices online are closer to 0 or less). Also, even if you don't see yourself getting a pocket watch, apparently they make good gifts.

Moving to the dial of the watch you are again presented with a slew of options by DWATCH. The options are all color based, but can still prove to be difficult when trying to make a decision. I think the pictured watch is a good subdued version of the timepiece. Thankfully that guy didn't go with green or orange, just good classic colors that make for a honestly handsome diver's watch.  If you check out the thread on (linked below), you can see the incredible amount of CS Superluminova on the dial of the watch and hands. Looks good right!? Even the placement of the date is nice. Sure it looks a lot like the date window on the Breitling Superocean Heritage, but that is a good think, and both watches actually share a lot. You'll notice that the hands of the DWATCH Sting Ray are a combination of two types of diver's watch hands, put together here nicely. It makes for a nice readable face, and the different style for the hour and minute hand actually helps with legibility a lot.

The military actually has specs for watches. These are official requirements that watches need to meet to be officially sold to soldiers via the government. One of those requirements is that a watch has a mineral, and not sapphire crystal. Why? Because while sapphire crystals are more scratch resistant than mineral crystals, sapphire crystals are more shatter prone. For this reason the Red Cell watch has a 4mm thick mineral crystal that has a fantastic level of anti-reflective (AR) coating on it. To further protect the crystal, the watch has two solid steel bars over the top and bottom of the case. The curious look ended up becoming quite endearing to me. First it was sort of silly, then it grew of me. I started to think of them as little handles that reminded me of large mechanized armor ladders, and then I realized that the grooved surface provided just enough friction to used it while on my wrist to itch a scratch where ever needed! The bars add a degree of protection to the crystal, and help enhance the tool like appearance of the watch. No, let me rephrase that. It does not help enhance the look, but rather helps remind you that the watch is a tool, rather that just look like one.

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Many people are going to claim that the style of the dial is too different than the style of the case. That is true, but it is also sort of the point. Really depends on who you see wearing the watch I suppose. You wouldn't think twice if an alien from "Mars Attacks" was wearing it (then again you'd be running in fear." Though if your father walked into the room wearing this watch, you'd probably point and chuckle.

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And Zenith's El Primero movement.

From a features perspective the watch does a lot. Instead of going into it here, I will simply point you to the list below.

This is one my my favorite classically styled Ball watches. It is called the Trainmaster Cleveland Express Dual Time. The Trainmaster line of watches are Ball's most expensive with there being two 18k gold version that go up to about ,000.  The pictured watch retails at ,100. One of the best features about the watch are the applied blued steel Arabic numerals that look so nice. The automatic movement has been decorated and has been COSC Chronometer certified. The watch is handsome without being showy and good for those who like a nice conservative watch with lots of historical reference.

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Putting together a watch like the Maitres du Temps Chapter One or Two is not an easy effort. You don't just do a quick drawing and get it over with or pick pieces from a parts bin. At the same time you can't just draw it up in a CAD program and then build it out of metal expecting a masterpiece. You need the accumulation of years of experience  from people who have messed up enough times to know how to get it (making a nice watch) done right. This is the theme of Maitres du Temps, to bring watch making masters together to create special things.

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Angular Momentum Urushi Red & Black Japanese Lacquer Watch Collection

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We talk about pick-up artists and how watches are used in that artistry. A Franck Muller .7 million watch, currently the world's most complicated watch. We talk about a minimalist chronograph and Tokyo Flash. Ariel likes a new Jean-Baptiste Viot and we discuss, along with Thomas Prescher's new Tempusvivendi Qatar Watch.

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The functional and almost military look of the watch that is hinted at in the case become clear when you see the dial. While it does have some fashion-forward elements, the dial is a good look at what a modern diver watch should look like. I do think it needs more lume though. There is the very large 12, 6, and 9 o'clock markers and hands that are bathed with lume (hopefully SuperLumiNova), and enough on the rotating inner bezel, but I am not sure if there is enough, or any lume on the rest of the main dial hour markers. The hands are different shapes which is important in a diver's watch. This was made popular by the Rolex Submariner, but many diving watches don't do this.

A great way to get a good deal on a nice watch is to check out a "watch deal of the day" site. These sites have special prices on watches that last for 24 hours. Each day there is a new deal. If you are an avid follower of these sales, it can be a problem as there are so many to look at. Plus, there are some you don't even know about. I recently learned about It aggregates many (maybe all) of the watch deal of the deal sites together in one easy place. I think it is a great idea. Frankly, I appreciate it, but don't know what gets out of it. They must have some super special plan. Or alternatively, they are watch lovers themselves who wanted to share their little creation.