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Watch Choice For Survival: Top Pick For Deserted Island Scenario? ABTW Editors' Lists


Timex Goes Upmarket: Sheds Some Cheap Plastic, Reveals Style Watch Buying It is debatable whether or not the new Timex watches are "beautiful." They are certainly masculine and functional with a hint of "now what is that?" Inside, we are talking about quality swiss movements and a good deal of attention towards detail. I really need to see one of these watches to determine how they measure up, but from the consumer images I have seen, there is a lot to like in terms of size, and finish. What they do not have yet is a lot of variety. While the colors, materials, and composition might alter, they seem to be using many of the same movements. Further, the designs all seem to focus on partial circles with jump-back dials on the face in asymmetrical layouts.

Like the Gran Prix de Monaco Historique, the Speed Black Chronograph embodies a Valjoux 7750 movement and is a certified Chronometer. Right now, the Speed Black Chronograph is part of a 1000 piece limited edition, and I imagine they will go fact. The watch also has my favorite feature of any Mille Miglia watch, that being the tire tread strap. Chopard still does this the best, using a pattern taken from 1960's Dunlop racing tires (obviously not ultra-slicks). Such straps just look superbly cool sitting on your wrist. Always a good idea. Figure prices to be a bit higher, perhaps in the 00 - 00 range.

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This black faced cult hit NauticFish dive watch features a very interesting movement that is seldom seen. It is essentially an ETA 2824-2 automatic movement with a Dubois Depraz 2020 chronograph module built on it. This is a very hardy automatic with one of the best chronograph modules adding additional functionality. Perfect such a watch. Schaumburg and NauticFIsh watches always have thick cases. Using lots of steel, and thick sapphire crystals, the NauticFish has a "deep look." One tell-tale feature is the deep-set date, showing you how much is going on in the watch movement.

In my opinion, the watch at that time was not done justice. It was perhaps the cost combined with the limited function that turned people off to it, and it was marketed almost as a futuristic piece, rather than one of the past. The complexity of the watch allowed for limited production, though visually it was intriguing to watch operated (a fact not easily communicated by mere pictures). Part of this had to do with the fact that it was a vertically set movement rather than the more traditional horizontal approach. Use of a series of barrels allows for the movement to operate, and the time to be indicated. The tourbillon was also of course placed in an unorthodox vertical placement. Today the Concord C1 tourbillon is another watch that uses a vertical placement for its tourbillon balance wheel.

Marcello C watches were my first love in Swiss watches. I learned about them from a WatchTime Annual watch list talking about watches being sold that year. This was maybe in 2003. I was lucky enough to find a Marcello C Nettuno 3 on eBay for a very reasonable price. The Marcello C Tridente is a larger version of that watch with a deeper water resistance of 1000m. The fit and finish of this watch are impeccable, tantamount to that of a Rolex. It uses a ETA 2824-2 movement which is as reliable a a chronometer, but just has not been formally certified.

Watch Choice For Survival: Top Pick For Deserted Island Scenario? ABTW Editors' Lists

Jochen Benzinger performs what is a lost art; the idea of taking the time to decorate the fruit of one's labor. In America especially, during the 19th and early 20th centuries, furniture makers would decorate their creations with patterns, carvings, and delicate attention to detail. Part of the idea was to differentiate themselves so that the consumer knew exactly who created the furniture piece. Today, watches, like furniture before them, are produced in an assembly line with less attention given to detail, and more to volume.

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Prices aside, the good news is that Marcello C will enhance it's focus on the US market. This means more inventory, more choices, and new models. Marcello C has bright future ahead of it. While not a bastion of avant garde design, Marcello C has a well established place among watch lovers for making a solid, great looking watch, that few people can argue with. Already, Marcello C is starting to create unique designs, such as the Diavolo, along their already handsome looking collection. We should all watch Marcello C closely to see what new watches they release.

Now, as a US eBay user you certainly can use if you can properly translate the pages or communicate with the seller. This is actually relatively simple given Google's language tools which will do reasonable translations. The biggest problem however is getting the sellers to ship to the US. Most of the time they say that they will only ship within Germany, or the European Union. This is probably a tax and customs issues, but they are missing out on a big market. I am honestly not sure how the entire system works as I do not speak German, but be weary of blindly bidding on these watches.

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Mystery Tiffany & Co. Diving Watch Is Rare Treat: Partnership With NauticFish, Enza Mechana?

Mystery Tiffany & Co. Diving Watch Is Rare Treat: Partnership With NauticFish, Enza Mechana?

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1626Vintage Eterna Matic Kontiki 20 Diver Automatic Watch cal1489K Swiss Used
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A few years ago when Ford re-released the Thunderbird, they commissioned Ikepod to create a limited edition series of watches for the release. Apparently Ford realized that the target audience for the attractive to look at, not so fun to drive coupe would be aging Americans who perhaps had fond memories of the originals. Likewise, this demographic might be into fine watches, so the connection seemed logical. Whatever Ford was thinking, the Ikepod Thunderbird watches do the T-Bird's heritage justice. Very clean lines, inherently legible, with flamboyant colors that appear appropriate. You get lovely touches such as a nicely engraved "Thunderbird" logo across the top of the bezel, along with aquamarine cabochons in the pushers and crown that match the chronograph seconds hand. Of course, the iconic Thunderbird logo itself is proudly displayed on the face of the watch instead of the Ikepod logo for this special edition.

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Review of the Casio G-Shock Giez 1000BJ From Wrist Time Reviews
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Review of the Casio G-Shock Giez 1000BJ From Wrist Time Reviews
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Classic Styling Incarnate: The Bell & Ross Geneva 123 Watch Watch Releases
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I must admit, the Casio Edifice EFX700D-1A1V changed the way I think about Casio. It's a great-looking watch by almost any standard, it's extremely affordable, and it packs a pretty impressive set of features.

This particular model is simply called the Xemex XE 5000, nick named "Sun" due to the charming yellow hue of the dial. The color, is almost a cream yellow, and suits the watch well. Chronograph subdials are done in a soft chalky gray. The combination is far more calming that one might presume. Hands are black and stenciled nicely in white, and the red seconds hand for the chronograph suggests a utilitarian component to this otherwise very pleasant looking watch.

Marcello C. watches on Prices are at least 15% under MSRP retail.

Zenith has come a long way from being a maker of fine movements to fine looking watches. Having died for a while some years ago, the brand returned vigilant in its desire to make bold looking watches without counterpart. The Zenith Defy Extreme line is the epitome of that pursuit. Nothing looks quite like it, and at the same time, it does not require any particular explanation to justify itself. It seems to be the logical extension of the brute looks, Hollywood military design, and exotic materials that make up the models.

While it is unclear whether this is a functioning concept, it uses available technology in realistic ways. From a time telling standpoint, the Eco Sensor merely utilizes available digital technology with GPS to tell the time in the right place. It uses various on board sensors along with the GPS to determine environmental conditions. There are plenty of watches today that use this technology, such as Suunto, which makes amazing "wrist-top computers" combining a watch, compass, altimeter, thermometer, and barometer, all in a neat and attractive little package. Further, companies like Suunto, among others, have been able to implement a number of sensors, such as heart rate, and body heat monitors into a watch. Thus, most all the technology that makes the Nokia Eco Sensor desirable is already in watch form in some way or another.

There is something satisfying on an innate level when it comes to seeing celebrities enjoy something you like as well. It is also possible, to a degree, to live vicariously through those people who can afford the watches we cannot. For whatever reason it is be it: style, quality, function, or advertising, everyone wants a Rolex.

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Dangerously Deep Dwelling Sinn UX Diving Watch Available

Dangerously Deep Dwelling Sinn UX Diving Watch Available

Not being a Timezone insider, I cannot comment with great specificity as to the internal manner in which Timezone is operated. I can however say that the mass banning of members, highly restrictive content guidelines, and totalitarian approach to doing business is inappropriate for the type of resource it claims to be and effectively removes its ability to be a welcome destination for watch consumers or enthusiasts. I cannot comment on the practices of other forums, but to my current knowledge only engage in conduct which is so flagrantly anti-consumer.

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Image Of A Watch Czar: Swatch Group’s Nicolas Hayek With His Wares

Image Of A Watch Czar: Swatch Group’s Nicolas Hayek With His Wares

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Review of the Ocean7 G-2 Chronograph From Announcements
OCEAN7 Watch Box and Pillow with Cards and Cloth NO WATCH
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