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Hands-On With The Perrelet Turbine Double Rotor Watch Collection Hands-On

,000 phone. Just saying that along with the pictures ought to be enough, but I will elaborate. This is the Revolution phone, which really doesn't imbue a lot of the things I associated with being 'revolutionary,' though the price + concept might cause your head to 'revolve' Exorcist style. The company that made the phone is called Goldvish. Which is basically just "goldfish" is you are American.  Unlike other uber luxury mobile phones with built-in watches (Mobiado), the Goldvish Revolution inserts a very nice (and removable) Frederic Jouvenot Chronograph Evolution watch as part of the device. Frederic Jouvenot is a relatively new brand that I discussed here. This is the first time I have seen a quality independent watch company place their watch in such a device. Either this connection raises the credibility of Frederic Jouvenot watch, or reduces it.

Sea-Gull M 177 Automatic Classic-Styled Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

But as one discerning woman... I trust that it will continue to be savvy, sexy, and most of all, complicated.

RSW Moonflower Watch for Women 2009 Watch Releases

This is not the first time I have discussed the new Tissot Sea-Touch watch based on the popular T-Touch line, but it is my article on it. The watch is pretty cool - especially if you are a diver. You can read a bit more detail here (that also links to another article of mine). I get pretty prolific when it comes to these T-Touch watches. They are just so fun to play with. The Sea-Touch takes all the touch screen glory and adds some diving only functions that probably work really well, though I don't know when I will have the opportunity to test them out. While it will be available in other colors, here you got to go for orange!

Set with diamonds and rubies, the Perrelet Diamond Flower Rotor Watch defines its aesthetic both inside and out. While it's lovely to think of the weight of a mechanic watch being cast in gold or platinum, and often with guilloche patterns mimicking the face of the dial, this Perrelet Diamond Flower Rotor Watch goes one step further with the double rotor rotating both inside and out.

Perrelet is a brand that I think I am going to increase my coverage on. The brand has a very long history, but I am going to focus on their more modern offerings for the most part. Today I want to share with you their Jumping Hour watch. The design is really classy. With an avant garde circles withing circles look, and a resemblance to Jaquet Droz's designs that emphasize the seconds dial.

Just watched the marketing video from Audemars Piguet advertising the Royal Oak Survivor watch.

The first watch discussed in the video is the Van Cleef & Arpels Day in Paris watch, that I wrote about here on Luxist. A fascinating piece with a 24 hour rotating disc as the face with tells the story of a woman's day in Paris (duh). Then you have the Gardens collection which has the same idea of a rotating disc, but instead has it revolve once a  year. I also wrote about this watch on Luxist here. The painting (it basically is) in the background of the garden collection watches have areas to represent the seasons. It is a cool idea, and while very simple, something most watch makers would likely not have thought of. That is what I talk about magic when it comes to Van Cleef & Arpels, it is like they are creating toys (expensive ones) for adults (no, not those toys).

The case is a 42mm, which, combined with its weight and thickness (about 13mm), feels large. After reading all the interest in Rolex's new larger cases and Omega's larger Railmaster (not to mention Panerai's whole line), I can say that this watch definitely feels like it's on steroids. It's not too big in size, especially with the smoothness of its edges and lugs, but the weight gives it a significant heft. This feels larger to the wearer, as opposed to the viewer, who will likely see the watch as a standard-sized piece.

Louis Moinet Tempograph 10 Second Retrograde Watch Hands-On  Hands-On

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Casio & Surfrider Foundation To Release G-Shock X Surfrider Watch

Casio & Surfrider Foundation To Release G-Shock X Surfrider Watch

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My Article On The Romain Jerome Dark Side Of The Moon Watch On Announcements
Romain Jerome DNA MoonDust Gold Mood 46mm 18k Rose Gold Black PVD 30500 NIB
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My Article On The Romain Jerome Dark Side Of The Moon Watch On Announcements
Romain Jerome RJ Black Octopus Titanic DNA Diver Watch Super Low 3 888 NEW
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Oddly enough, you need to go to Ralf Tech's dedicated watch site, because their regular site has no mention of their watches. Oh, and their watch site is only in French. Honestly, a lot of their watches are really cool, but I am going to focus on just one right now from their WRX line (Subaru is gonna be pissed about that one) of watches. The main pictured watch is awesome because it has a perlage polished aluminum face. There is also a matte polished (is that an oxymoron?) aluminum face version. Perlage polish creates that pattern of overlapping polished circles that is highly reminiscent of high grade machinery. I've never see this type of polish applied to such an affordable watch, and never to a diving watch yet. If we are lucky, this trend will take root and slowly move in on the reign of carbon fiber faced watch that have absolutely saturated the market.

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Keep checking for updates, surely to be posted as the year closes.

DeMonaco Carree d’Or Black Pearl Grand Tourbillon XP Watch Spotted

DeMonaco Carree d’Or Black Pearl Grand Tourbillon XP Watch Spotted

On the back of the watch is an exhibition caseback with a view into the decorated P-181 mechanical movement and automatic rotor. This is not only one of the sportiest Perrelet watches, but it is totally unique in its looks among competitors. Though there are a few that are thematically similar focusing on modern aircraft.  I further think the Perrelet Turbine is a better alternative to the style of the Zenith Defy Xtreme watches that sometimes have a similar theme, but offer less to a wide audience. The Perrelet is a more reasonably priced luxury sport watch, as well has having more daily practicality.

Most people cannot afford pricier chronographs from the top Swiss Watch companies. So it's always refreshing to see that such luxuries, such achievements in watchmaking, are not held for only a select few.

The Marcello C. Pegasus Model represents a perfect watch for the perfect day. This is a beautifully manufactured watch, with just enough details to strike up conversations wherever the wearer goes. The Superluminova inserts in the hands make this such a functional and attractive watch. With such a modest price for such a solid watch, any man or woman would be proud to rock this timepiece.

A Watch Gift Guide for Dads and Grads Watch Buying
Marcello C Pegasus model

See Chinese tourbillon watches on eBay here.

Longio Tourbillon Watches: Chinese Watchmaking Pride Watch Releases
Invicta LIMITED EDITION 115 333 Russian Diver Octopus Tourbillon Model 11139
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Longio Tourbillon Watches: Chinese Watchmaking Pride Watch Releases
Self Wind Tourbillon Moonphase Automatic Mechanical Chronograph Mens Wrist Watch
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Bremont Supermarine 500 Watch: First Diver For Young Brand Watch Releases

Yes, I wrote about this watch before on The Omega Limited Edition Olympics watch for Vancouver in 2010 is just an awesome timepiece and was right to want it featured. The Canada flag colors of this watch and the cute little Olympic logo as the second hand's counter weight just make be very happy. Other than the engraved caseback, the watch is the same as the universally popular Omega Seamaster Professional 300m dive watch. Read the review on here.

My Omega Seamaster Professional 300m Limited Edition Vancouver 2010 Olympics Watch Article On Announcements
Omega Seamaster 300M 21230412003001 + Omega NATO Strap
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These two new pretty watches are part of a limited edition of just 500 pieces each and are part of the Commando watches that Bell & Ross will offer. Commando meaning gray in this instance. Maybe this is the perfect urban combat camouflage watch? We are familiar with the models as well. These are the big date and power reserve versions of the Bell & Ross BR01, or rather the BR01-96, and the BR01-97. The dials also make it clear that the watches are part of a limited edition. The Big Date has an automatic ETA 2896, while the power reserve model has an ETA 2897.

Tell me that this isn't the ultimate luxury pirate themed watch. The Torpeda Pirata line of watches has pirate (Pirata) in the name, starting the obsession with pirates that Cuervo y Sobrinos needed to make this watch. I don't ever recall instances of pirates using torpedoes though, but the source of the Torpedo name comes from another collection from the brand. Cuervo y Sobrinos is a brand that relaunched a few years ago from a classic Cuban watch brand. Style choices for the brand's designs include traditional Havana style and tastes from the Caribbean. The self motto of the brand is that they make watches with a Latin spirit and Swiss heart. Oh, and it is good to mention while I still have your attention that every Cuervo y Sobrinos watch comes in an actual humidor that doubles as a watch case. The Torpedo Pirata Moon Phase adds to last year's Torpedo Pirata GMT watch, which was the first in this limited edition line. The Moon Phase version is limited to 125 pieces.

It shows a futuristic computerised machine tool manufacturing scene in a dark satanic world of flashing lights and staccato robotic arms in the process of producing their latest watch. The storyline appears to be that this fantastic manufacturing assembly system part way through develops a fatal flaw which threatens the production process. However, and we have to believe in a “life force”here, such is the power of this new watch, which seems to be coming alive as it is built, takes control of the machines, speeds them up and forces them to finish their collective task of assembling the whole, the creation, before meltdown as it were. The building system is increasingly and brutally frenetic as the countdown ticks down towards 0.00, at which time the whole screaming system suddenly explodes across the screen with bits flying in all directions. Out of that maelstrom of madness flies incredibly the complete watch creation which lands amazingly intact, whole and complete....and claims, "I am a survivor.”

Bill Paxton Wears IWC Aquatimer Chrono-Automatic Watch In Big Love Season 3

Bill Paxton Wears IWC Aquatimer Chrono-Automatic Watch In Big Love Season 3

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2009 Hamilton Ventura XXL Automatic Watch Watch Releases
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2009 Hamilton Ventura XXL Automatic Watch Watch Releases
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2009 Hamilton Ventura XXL Automatic Watch Watch Releases
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Perrelet Moon Phase Watch Line Watch Releases

A high-end timepiece would be the perfect gift to give when proposing marriage, a symbol of love - and a gift to truly enjoy for the rest of your life together. More than a diamond, timepieces (specifically Swiss watches) represent: tradition, craftsmanship, exclusivity, perfection, performance, longevity.. I could go on.